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Lit a Bits Catholic Clipart Collection

8 volumes filled with over 8000 Catholic images,
In black and White or color
both CD-Rom & printed pages included
Buy volumes 1-5 in B/W vol for $30 or in color for $40. Volumes 6, 7, and 8 are only $50 each, whether you buy color or black and white.
Or buy all 8 volumes for the special discount price of $225 BW - $260 Color

Designed with the busy editor in mind, Lit a Bits puts thousands of Catholic clip art images at your fingertips, ready to insert with a single mouse click, or the snip of your scissors. Your CD-Rom comes with a printable full page catalog and is conveniently organized by subject. Whether you buy one, or the whole set, you'll find Lit A Bits an indispensable tool for all your Catholic publication needs.

Lit a Bits Clip Art Collection comes in your choice of black and white or color images. Try one volume or all 5 and save. Over 500 images on Windows/Mac CD-Rom, full size printed pages, and index included.

Volume 1 - Sacraments, Parish Family, Gatherings, Sports, Food
Sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation, RCIA, Eucharist/Mass Schedule, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Ordination/Vocations, Marriage Banns, Funerals Parish Family: Welcome, Women's/Men's Group, Youth, Seniors, Council, Birth,/Nursery, School/Grads Gatherings: Weekly Activities, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Party, Bus Trips, Retreats, Picnics, Dance Sports: Bowling, Softball, Golf, Volleyball, Football, Cheerleading, Skiing, Skating Food: Potluck, Fish Fry, Coffee & Donuts, Pancake Breakfasts, Spaghetti Dinners, Pizza

Volume 2 - Liturgy participants, Christian Service,
Music, Attention Getters, Fundraising

Weekly Liturgy: Altar Servers, Ushers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Prayers for the Sick, Weekly Readings, Stewardship, Envelopes/Offerings, Flowers for the Altar Christian Service: Clothing drive, Soup Kitchen, Outreach, Evangelization, Missions, Right to Life Music: Choir, Hand bells, Youth Choir, Concerts, Orchestra Attention Getters: Please come, Don't forget, Congrats, Thank you, Volunteer, Apologies, Good Luck Fundraising: Bingo, Raffle, Card Party, Festival, Car Wash, Auction, Paper/Bottle drive, Rummage Sale

Volume 3 & 4 - Holidays and Holy Days for the Church and secular calendars
New Year's Day, Mary, Mother of God, Feast of the Epiphany, Martin Luther King Day, Baptism of the Lord, Presentation of the Lord, Candlemas/St ,Blase, Valentine's Day, President's Day, World Day of the Sick, Ash Wednesday, Feast of the Annunciation, Feast of St Joseph, St Patrick's Day, Lent, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Good Friday, Easter - Religious, Easter - Secular, May Crowning, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Day of Prayer for Vocations, Ascension Sunday, Father's Day, Flag Day, Pentecost, Feast of the Body & Blood, Trinity Sunday, Sacred Heart, Independence Day, Feast of the Transfiguration, Assumption of Mary, Labor Day, Triumph of the Holy Cross, Feast of the Archangels, Feast of Guardian Angels, St Francis, Blessing of Pets, Columbus Day, Mission Sunday, World Youth Day, Halloween, All Saints, All Souls, Election Day, Veteran's Day, Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving, Christ the King, Advent, Christmas - Religious, Christmas - Secular, Feast of the Holy Family

Volume 5 - Signs and Symbols - All images completely free of text
Alpha-Omega, Altar, Anchor, Angels, Animals, Apples, Ark - Covenant, Ark - Noah, Armor, Banner, Barn, Baskets, Bells, Bible, Bird, Boat, Books, Bowls, Branches, Bread, Butterfly, Candles, Chi Ro, Church , Clock, Clover, Clouds, Compass, Cornerstone, Cross, Crown, Crucifix, Cup, Dove, Door, Ear, Eyes, Feast, Feet, Fire, Fish, Flag ,Flame, Flowers, Footsteps, Fruit, Gate, Globe, Goats, Grapes, Grave, Hands, Harp, Harvest, Heart, Hourglass, Instruments - Music, Jars, Justice, Keys, Lamb, Lamps, Lock, Lyre, Menorah, Money ,Moon, Music, Nail, Palm leaves, Path, Pearl, Pitcher, Planting ,Plow, Prayer, Rain, Rainbow, Road, Rock, Rosary, Sandals, Scales, Scrolls, Scythe, Seeds, Serpent, Sheep, Shield, Shepherd, Ships, Sickle, Sign, Snake, Stars, Stone, Stopwatch, Storm, Sun, Sundial, Sword, Table, Tablets, Temple, Ten Commandments, Thorn, Time, Tomb, Torch, Treasure, Tree, Vine ,Wheat, Wine, Work, World, Yoke

Volume 6 - Cycle A - Includes clip art, the readings, the Sunday gospel text and Gospel Glimpses inspirational article.

Volume 7 - Cycle B - Includes clip art, the readings, the Sunday gospel text and Gospel Glimpses inspirational article.

Volume 8 - Cycle c - Includes clip art, the readings, the Sunday gospel text and Gospel Glimpses inspirational article.