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Gospel Glimpses

Lectionary based, inspirational articles
with real life applications
for every Sunday in the year

Another great way to make your bulletin editing easier. Short, inspirational, thought provoking articles written to complement each Sunday�s gospel readings.

Keyed to Catholic Lectionary
Available on CD-Rom
or Printed pages
Full yr subscription only $50 or $30 US with Editor's Assistant
or buy a three-cycle pkg and save

Need creative, Catholic material
based on the Lectionary readings?

If you�re looking for a fresh approach to God�s Word that respects Catholic tradition and teachings, why not try Gospel Glimpses? A great resource for sermon �starters� or weekly bulletin articles, Gospel Glimpses offers a short inspirational article for each Sunday gospel reading in the Catholic Lectionary, including feast days and solemnities. Inspire parishioners and pastors alike with this practical, real life commentary on each week�s gospel.

Easy to use, whether or not you have a computer
With full size printed pages and a CD-Rom included in every package, Gospel Glimpses is simple to use with or without a computer. Conveniently sorted by season (Lent, Advent, Ordinary Time, etc) and then in numerical/Sunday order, you can find what you need in a matter of seconds, ready to read, print or reproduce. And since no yearly specific dates are included in the print or digital articles, you can reuse the three year cycle as needed in future years.

Buy just 1 or buy all 3 cycles and save!
Gospel Glimpses is designed with every parish budget in mind. Buy just one cycle for only $45. Or if you can, take advantage of our discounts: Any 2 cycles cost only $80 or buy all three for only $110! That�s a savings of $25 when you purchase cycles A, B & C.

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