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Welcome to The Editor's Assistant

All the clip art and editorials you need for a professional bulletin, in one convenient package.

8 pages packed with Catholic clip art,
editorial articles and weekly scripture readings
keyed to holidays,
holy days and the lectionary readings
New every month!
On CD-Rom or printed pages
A full year's worth of art
& articles for only $60 US

Every editor needs a good assistant. Someone to help find special artwork for your page one article. Someone that knows the right poem or quote to fill in page three. Someone who's got great ideas that add style and a professional look to your publication, without hours of extra work.

Meet the EDITOR'S ASSISTANT. Every month, she'll bring you attractive, timely scriptural and seasonal artwork, along with inspirational and topical editorial filler in an easy to use format. With the touch of a key or a turn of the page, she'll make your writing and design job easier, so you have more time for all the other important tasks you do every day.

Think of it, all the artwork and editorials you need, delivered new every month in your choice of CD-Rom or printed formats, for only $60 US a year (shipping extra)

Sound heavenly? It is.

Scriptural & Seasonal Clip Art &
Editorial Aricles fresh every month

Scriptural & seasonal art in .tif, .gif and .jpg
or printed formats. 30 new art clips every month.
Now available in your choice of color or black and white art.
Color available in digital download or CD-Rom formats only.

Inspirational articles, poems & quotes in a variety of sizes
for holidays,liturgical seasons & feast days.25-30 articles every month

Click on the words for a Editor's Assistant Sample Issue

The Editor's Assistantis a monthly newsletter and art service filled with timely, attractive clip art and editorial resources, especially designed with Catholic bulletin editors in mind. 8 pages, completely new for every month, filled with liturgically keyed art and editorials, the Editor's Assistant will help you produce a beautiful, professional bulletin in less time.

That's 8 pages of art and editorials every month, plus the weekly readings. And if you're looking for more great material add Gospel Glimpses for inspirational, thought provoking articles keyed to each Sunday's gospel reading. And when you order both the Editor's Assistant and Gospel Glimpses, you save $20! Click here for more information on Gospel Glimpses inspirational articles.

Pick the format that works for you:
One time High Speed Download,
CD-Rom or Printed Pages

Need it right now? Choose our Digital Download and start working "instantly"
For customers who want the ultimate speed and service, we're pleased to provide a high-speed secure one time download of the Editor's Assistant. Password protected, direct from our computers to yours, Direct Download has your full year subscription, ready to use on your desktop within minutes of your order. Organized exactly like our popular CD-Rom product, sorted by month, with full size issue pages both viewable and printable for your reference, Direct download gives you all the benefits of the Editor's Assistant without waiting for your Cd-Rom to arrive in the mail."

Digitally Designed for Your Convenience
The Editor's Assistant is designed for easy use. With a few mouse clicks, you can open and view Editor's Assistant artwork and editorials in any word processing or desktop publishing program. The editorials come as pure text (ASCII) files, and in both MS word and Word Perfect formats ready to use in your word processing or design software. And since the Editor's Assistant provides clip art in .tif, .jpg and .gif formats, our files can easily be inserted into any document or publication you've created.

No computer? Try Our Print Version
In addition to our CD-Rom product, for customers who prefer working with printed copies, we also provide The Editor's Assistant Print Version. Each month you'll receive clear, high quality printed artwork and editorials, ready to cut and paste into any bulletin format.

Looking for even more clip art?
Try Lit A Bits - The Encyclopedia of Catholic Clip Art

Designed with the busy editor in mind, Lit a Bits puts thousands of Catholic clip art images at your fingertips, ready to insert with a single mouse click, or the snip of your scissors. You get both printed pages and CD-Rom with every volume, conveniently organized by subject. Whether you buy one, or the whole set, you'll find Lit A Bits an indispensable tool for all your Catholic publication needs. To learn more
click on the words:Lit A Bits Clip Art Collection.

Looking for more inspirational articles?
Try Gospel Glimpses

If you're looking for a fresh approach to God's Word that respects Catholic tradition and teachings, why not try Gospel Glimpses? A great resource for sermon starters or weekly bulletin articles, Gospel Glimpses offers a short inspirational article for each Sunday gospel reading in the Catholic Lectionary, including feast days and solemnities. Inspire parishioners and pastors alike with this practical, real life commentary on each week's gospel. To learn more
click on the words:Gospel Glimpses.